Physics Asset editor is too confusing

I have seen videos of older versions of the editor and it was much better. For instance you HAVE to show all or no constraints now. In the past you could apparently show only the contraint you are working on. Same for the physic shapes that go with the connected bones. I only want to see the two bones I am working on, not the whole character.
Also, when UE messes up and a physic assets looses it’s skeletal information when you bring it up for editing, there is no way to chose a new skeleton. the error message that says that a temporary box skeleton is assigned says you can chose one from the icon bar, but there is no way.

Your first paragraph seems to be ok, you are asking for improvement, but the second from what I can understand, there is a bug? If yes, and you are sure about it, it is faster for a fix using the bug submission report.