Physics Animation Request

Hi, it’s still me Fiorenzone. I’m asking this to everyone that has some experience on ragdoll manipulating or to who wants to help.

I made a simple character that you can move around with a gravity gun (very similar to hl2 gravity gun), basically when I click on the character it goes ragdoll mode and I can move it around. I also added health loss for the npc when I push him against stuff so when I finish to play with him he can eventually stand up if his health is greater than 0. Recently I added some animations so now instead of popping up he also has animations but when he start playing his montage he still pops up from ragdoll state.

Here’s a video of my project:

And here you can see what I want to accomplish:

How can you see there’s no blending in my project so I tried to add it using physics blending (you can see what I’m talking about in this video: but I find it very buggy, my character spins in the sky or goes in T-pose or just slides around after standing up… in short it’s very buggy and unconvenient to implement for me. I made this to work in the past but it was on a simpler BP, is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

If you find ANY way to do this just write that please.