Physics animation for melee combat, how to do it properly.

Hi I am working on a implement a physics based combat system In VR.
For my testing I set up 2 skeletal mesh characters one with a sword and playing a sword swing, and the other holding a shield that I can hit.
The physical animation profiles I applied to them work and I can block the incoming sword hit and hit the other characters shied and it moves a bit with the impact.

But I have to have the sword swing characters settings quite high for it to be blocked by my own shield and sword but doing so makes the sword swing animation a bit sloppy looking Like he is drunk.
So how is this supposed to be done?
should it be applied when the sword hits or is it correct to have it permanently on? Not much documentation around on this subject :frowning:

Probably applied on hit. Can’t be sure since we have no idea what our how you are doing… a vid may help