Physics and Destructible Meshes

Hello :slight_smile: I am still quite new to working with the engine but I have come to a problem that I have been unable to find a solution for via the internet so far.

The context is that the game so far is based off of the space ship template that the engine starts you off with. I have a blueprint made that spawns another blueprint consisting of random destructible meshes and textures in a given area.

Basically I want these to destroy upon impact if the ship is flying fast enough and then “push” through the fragments made when the mesh shatters. So far my ship’s velocity goes to 0 upon contact even though I’ve disconnected the node in its blueprint to set its velocity to 0 upon collision.

I am unfamiliar with the collision presets and I do not know what I should set the destructible meshes to and the pawn to. Also whenever I check simulate physics for my pawn it does not even cause the mesh to shatter.

I could set it to where on hit it inflicts damage at that point but that still doesn’t make my ship slow down an amount correlating with the mesh’s mass.

The final goal is the ability to ram things to break them down to a size that will then allow the pawn to collect the remains.

Thank you for the read and have a great day!

Well first you have to convert your mesh to destructible. Have you done that?

Yes. I have it set up to where each time my blueprint is summoned it creates a destructible mesh at that position.