physical animations are moving bones

this is where the arms should be Screenshot - 8f757117145d89ed50b4242b5dbcc887 - Gyazo

this is where the arms are when simulating [video][/video]

in the clip where the physical animations are active, every physics body is being effected while i am using the root bone as the bone name in blueprints Screenshot - 94bb6e54b28df2b413fd0c0e97c39c81 - Gyazo

i believe ive heard you shouldnt use the root bone as the bone name but when i use the torso bone instead this happens [video][/video]

here is the rig in blender [video][/video]

im not too sure why the right leg goes up into the torso when torso is the bone name and why the arms would go into the head when the root/head is the bone name, any ideas? thanks.