Physical Animation Profile , how to understand interface changes

I wanted to know if there is a tutorial document that shows how to learn how to adapt to the new interface in the physics asset area of an actor. In the videos that I used to follow on youtube as soon as I created a Physical Animation profile for a character, the values to enter showed up on the same screen and were very easy to access. I am referring to the orientation strength, the angular velocity strength, position strength, and velocity strength. I see them in tutorials I believe before 4.19 but now those have become obsolete and I can’t really find clear explanations on how to replicate the process in the newer versions. For example, in this tutorial on youtube (Lets Create Physical Animations - Blueprints #15 [Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial] - YouTube)(Lets Create Physical Animations - Blueprints #15 [Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial] ) the layout was very simple and it was easy to assign physical animation profiles after selecting the body parts you wanted to use. Now the documentation doesn’t seem as clear and as much as I try to play around and experiment I pretty much fail every time. Any guidance would be great. Thanks.

sorry to reply to my own post, so I suppose people have either been able to adjust without difficulty, or nobody knows, or people are using older builds like 4.18? I’m just curious because then I suppose I’ll just start using an older build like 4.17 or 4.18, but I’d like to know. thanks.