Physical Animation Component Hit Reaction troubleshooting

I’m trying to create a hit reaction system based on physics, so wherever (based on the bones) the player hits the AI character with a projectile, that bone starts swinging back and stuff.
I’ve already set up the system, (most of it is taken out from the “Content Examples” project by Epic.
But I’m having an unusual problem, which I can’t seem to fix.

Here are the screenshots:


In this screenshot, I’ve hit him in the head with a crossbow, and it acted totally normal, and it’s perfectly fine. His head got a little impulse and returned back to normal.


But here, I’ve hit him in the spine, or in the pelvis area, and he just simply flew away, got stuck to the ground, leaving his collision capsule… .The collision capsule was still following me like a normal AI, but the mesh was stuck in the ground like this.

And this happens everytime I hit him in the spine, pelvis, or leg area. What could be the problem? Are the constraints set up badly? or should I enable root motion, or maybe my physics profiles are set up badly? Please help me, I’m totally stuck here for days now…

In case you want to see it, I can send the blueprints and everything else in screenshots too.

EDIT: Sorry, I can’t attach the screenshots correctly, because they are too big in size, and the attach image function in the advanced editor doesn’t seem to accept URL coming from Imgur, or IDK, it just keeps sending me an error message.