PhysicActor in Matinee problem

Hey guys.
I have a problem, which i don’t know how to solve.
I have a Blueprint with a physicsactor on a mesh that gets moved by a Matinee. While the Matinee plays, the actor is being pushed towards a wall (static mesh). Then the game just quits. I don’t know how to explain this problem better, so i recorded a quick video and uploaded it to youtube.

Here are screenshots of the error and of the Physicssettings of the actor:

I have found out, that it has nothing to do with the actor being pushed against the wall. I found out, that if the actor falls down (in the whole or whatever), it then falls through a KillZ volume. Also, the BP has a box-collision, with collision set to “only overlap with pawn”. But as the cube hits the volume, the “Beginn Overlap” event is being triggered. Then after a short moment, the game quits.

Ok, i found a sollution. The KillZ-Volume was just there as a placeholder because of lazyness. I have another “Cube” like the one below, which kills the player on contact. I wanted to use them on this position anyways, so its ok. But i still would like to know, why the KillZ-Volume acts as a PAWN in terms of collision, and why the game stopped.