PhotoRealistic Landscape Pack - 4 (Islands, Scotland, Antarctica, Lakes, Lowlands, Valley, Plain)

Hi everyone.I finished the new package.


This set “Photorealistic Landscape Pack 4” includes highly detailed landscapes. These landscapes, will be eligible for next-gen games.
This pack contains 9 different landscapes.

– Showcase Video –

This pack contains:

• 9 different landscapes.

  • Antarctica
  • Island - a
  • Island - b
  • Scotland
  • Lakes
  • Lowland - a
  • Lowland - b
  • Plain
  • Valley

• 20x20km (Detailed Background) with a 4x4km or 5x5km (Terrain) playable space. (Painted with rock and vegetations)
• Huge background terrain meshes. (140kmx140km)
• High quality HeightMap and SplatMaps.
• 96 High quality ground texture (Diffuse, Normal, Specular Maps 2048x2048)
• 9 Rock meshes
• 26 Plants meshes
• 5 ground rock meshes
• 3 Detailed background terrain mesh and 1 huge terrain mesh
• 9 Master material and 15 instanced material

Technical Details:

• NEW material system
• Physically Based Materials
• Level specific dynamic lighting setup
• Auto-painted landscape material setup
• Easy and understandable materials
• Easy customization with Landscape instance materials.
• Automatic 3d Mesh generation (Different layers)
• Automatic blending layers using a heightmap.
• Automatic slope variation.
• High Frame per Second (FPS)










Gökhan Karadayı - Environment Artist


Congrats, an other fantastic work!
Do you think to publish this in your site,
I bough all in your site and I would to continue in this way if it’s possible…

I hope the landscape material(s) have manual paintable layers? Auto-painted looks good, but if you like to customise the default landscape even a bit it would be necessary to make manual adjustments of the surface materials. Can you show the material sets used in the landscapes?

When it says “auto-material” do you mean that you have setup a paint material for the landscape tool which will automatically paint the terrain in a way that will resemble your example maps? All we need to do afterwards is run the foliage tool to populate the map with the meshes?

i’m really interested in this pack but i’m worried about fps
can you give us some technical info about this ?

It’s the same with LAM.

I tested with a 550 TI.

Antarctica :

Island - b :

Scotland :

Lowland - b

GTX 550TI vs. GTX 1080

This looks really amazing, well done.

Yep that looks really good AAA, gg :wink:

thanks again Gkan:)
all in editor and epic quality right?

in editor and high quality…

I just wanted to add this part: I am in no way, at all, in any shape or form, knocking this product or calling it bad in any way shape or form. I absolutely love the craftsmanship and detail of these landscapes (in all packs). I am simply asking on a TECHNICAL ASPECT ONLY.

If anyone can test with a 700/900/1k series and see what the diff is …

if possible, run a test with:

  1. Just map + default sky
  2. Map + default sky + foliage (more then just the landscape grass. ie: trees and such)
  3. Map + TrueSky (just project grass foliage)
  4. Map + Ocean Project (just project grass foliage)
  5. Map + True + Ocean (just project grass foliage)
  6. Map + True + Ocean + Foliage (trees and such)

This would/might give a much better overall projection for expectation. It would be upsetting (to me anyways) to spend the money only to have to turn around and eat the cost of some nice maps due to 1FPS when they are filled. At least people can gauge what they should expect (in the long run). Makes no sense to use 8k maps with HD grass … and stylized LOD+100 (haha, superLOD!) trees so save FPS.

550ti is a low-end at this point. A fine test tho. Just seeing 20-40FPS with only the landscape will be painful in the long run. Filling it with trees and foliage and other things, the 20FPS will drop to like 8FPS (unplayable by anyones standards) and those 40’s will drop to easily low 20s or under. Unplayable for multiplayer for sure.

I think +10-15 FPS for a 700-900 series nVidia … im wondering the 1080GTX and how it would score. Granted, thats the high-end market … i would say the “mid-range” at this point we would be looking at the 700-900 series (960-980 really)

Just pulling data form the benchmarks

550 vs 1080 = +905% increased performance
550 vs 980 = +677% increase in performance
550 vs 780 = +478% increase in performance

so if we look at those … the guess is anywhere from +10 FPS to +50FPS accordingly … still if your looking at under 50ish FPS right off the bat for adding in a landscape on high settings … your going to destroy your FPS when filling the world.

Are these streaming, or, are they single maps like the last packs? I love the maps, love the quality … dislike the giant 8k static mesh factor …

I’m having a heck of a time adding these materials to my own landscapes. When I apply them, the material is black. Adding in new & reusing landscape layers does not solve it. Anyone with advice?

How do I increase the grass draw distance?