Photorealistic Landscape 3 - UE4 keeps crashing


I’ve got one short question.
When I am trying to open up a map of Photorealistic Landscapes 3 - UE4 always crashes. It’s loading up ~75% and then…crash

I don’t think my PC is too bad.

6x3,6 processor
32 gb ram
nvidia gtx970

thanks to everyone trying to fix this!

Edit: Its also crashing when I try to import a model or sth like that into the scene… so the pack is completly useless for me…

it crashes for me when importing any landscape. keep trying, it should pop up - im pretty sure there is a work-around listed in the forums for it …

i forget what exactly it was, wasnt hard … but a search should pull it up …

just keep opening and trying to import. i get best results when importing with NO material, then, adding material after …