Photon Server and Android

Hi folks,

I’m starting the photon server integration on UE right now, starting with Windows integration, but my project aims for Android too. The ExitGames guys says the integration will work even with Windows and all other C++ API. But, after my experience in porting SmartFox Server API for Android and even trying to integrate it into UE, I don’t trust this kind of confirmation anymore. So, anyone has experienced the integration between UE and Photon Server Android C++ API?

Also, after integration with Windows, that is well documented and also has a playable demo, I’ll start the android integration, so, if everythings goes ok, I’ll tell to you guys here.

Thanks for help

Are you going to share/sell the integration system after you’ve done with it? :slight_smile:

If you should run into any trouble, then please just inform us about your problems at and we will see how we can help.

Photon Windows works like a charm in UE4. I don’t think there will be problems integrating it for Android project.
You’ll just need linking different libs in your Build.cs (its easy done by checking Target.Platform) to package android project

I’m starting to play around with photon, which version are you using?

Hi Moss.

I would recommend to go with this Photon UE4 demo package:

Nice! Thanks Kaiserludi!