Photogrammetry asset texture display quality


I have a question regarding photogrammetry assets in the editor (4.27). I have a few high quaslity assets that I have created in Reality Capture and imported into Unreal.

The source asset has been poly-reduced and texture re-projected from the original hi-res asset which has 4x 8k textures so its great quality.

I have exported two versions and imported them into unreal:

1 with 1x8k texture
1 with 4x8k textures

However in the editor i cant tell the difference between them - if i place both assets next to each other there is no perceivable difference . even if i overlay them on top of each other there is no perceivable difference.

i would have thought that the asset with 4x8k textures would be superior to the one with 1x8k ?

any help here would be much appreciated!

To be able to see the difference you would have to look at the item at a screensize where the texture being bigger would produce a clear benefit.

With good assets this often goes well beyond the clipping value the engine uses as default.

You could try to set up a custom camera with a zoom like lense value or something similar.

Also, render size matters.
If your end viewport is only 1k for instance not much of the texture will ever be visibleā€¦