PHAT - spring effect and mixed collisions.

Hey all,

Anyone else having issues with the PHAT editor in general? No mouse clicking, asset dragging, etc in the latest version?

Aside from all of that, does anyone happen to have some actual resources/tutorials for PHAT that are post 4.18 when it was lastly updated?
Most of the documentation is out of whack referencing old things that have been moved.

What I’m ultimately looking for is a way to prevent the object parts from going crazy as they often do when colliding with things.

The structure I’m working on has 4 antenna like “springs” that collide with each other and with thrown objects.
The object thrown at it cause the antennae to move correctly 90% of the time, the remaining 10% the antennae just start flapping around all over the place in an insane “this makes no sense” way…

I think this is related to the fact that the bones in the chain can be stretched apart.
I’m using None as the profile, and all the constraints are set to “locked” for swing motion1, 2, and twist - Just like the ADV vehicle template antenna to be precise.

I have already tried getting the Custom Sleep Threshold and Stabilization Threshold values in the high hundreds with no change in behavior.

Currently, I have all element’s capsule components set to a custom mass of .01, linear damping 10, angular damping 10, gravity enabled, physics type simulated.
The capsules (like for the antenna in the vehicle) are not in contact with one-another (which would/could cause explosion).

Not sure what else to look for to solve this. Any tip appreciated.

NB: Sub-stepping does appear to change this somewhat, but I’d prefer to get the asset setup correctly instead, as I don’t really think I have it correct in the first place… (it really shouldn’t be going nuts like this at all!)