Phasing things in and out of existence

So I have an idea for a mechanic, but I have no concept on how one would implement it. Lets pretend that your player have a type of vision, in which they can look into the past and have it materialize in the present for a short time.

An example of this usage is shown below in my (expertly crafted) picture:


You have a wall in the present, which was destroyed in World War 2. The wall can go back to that state because of your vision so you can traverse it and go to the other side before you close up that time hole and everything is back to present day.
How would one go about implementing such a mechanic in Blueprint?

An idea I had initially was to simply have exact copies of the same level (like instances maybe?) and have the player travel on those instanced versions and go to the same location on the master copy whenever the vision ended. But this will post some problems if you go back to the present version of a wall while you stand in the opening of it and try to translate world coordinates to match that location.

Another way could be that you place blueprints that have two or more versions of the mesh you want to represent and when the vision is turned on, the blueprint changes to that version.