PFM Export for nDisplay

with the new release nDisplay is finally out of experimental state and got the mpcdi projection type. You can simply provide a shape file of the surface I would like to project on. But the file format is pfm. I wasn’t able to find an official standard describing this format.
I read sth about a PFMExporter within the engine. But the include file hence the class itself cannot be found within a simple C++ Project and I also dislike the idea to need a whole UE-Project just as a file converter anyway.
So I looked into the source of the PFMExporter and found some weird static header definition and after the header follow the vertices plainly written without any prefix. My main question would be how the vertices need to be ordered. Is the list interpreted as a TriangleList, TriangleAdjacency… etc. ? But I am uncertain about the whole pfm format in general, so any insides I missed about this format would be helpful.
Kind Regards!