Petition to Create Artificial Intelligence Sub-Forum alongside Animation/Rendering...

I think it’s time that a Sub-forum under Development should be added for Artificial Intelligence.

So far most of the AI features of the Unreal Engine have largely been experimental (EQS, BTs, AIPerception Module) so I believe not having a forum especially for AI was due to this. Not because AI didn’t deserve it’s own sub-forum.

HOWEVER, I feel the field of Artificial Intelligence in UE4 does deserves it’s own forum just like Rendering, Animation, Modeling/Level Design, and VR.
I believe it is inefficient to relegate AI to the sub-forums which seem to not have a focus like “Blueprint Visual Scripting” and “C++ Development.” Some AI stuff is also hidden away in “Community Content.”

I think current and future UE4 Developers would greatly benefit from having a center for all AI discussion and content on the forum.

I know I’d personally make a mega thread once this sub-forum is created to serve as a conglomerate/reference for existing UE4/ Non-UE4 AI Resources to help developers.

What do you think?

  • Kurt S.