Persona Scrub Animation Style Control In-Game

Looking for a little guidance on how to mimic scrubbing an animation in-game via the mouse. Since this exists already in Persona I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup via blueprint but no luck so far. I’ve searched extensively every similar post on here and the Answer Hub but in each case there were zero responses.

To clarify what I’m trying to achieve below is a simple step by step explanation of the control method. This is often referred to as a real-time motion swing in other games using mouse or analog stick.

-Character is spawned in idle animation (holding an object similar to a golf club)
-Left mouse click on pawn character to activate “swing” mode
-Mouse is dragged to the right and swing back animation is scrubbed thru frame by frame
-Power is set and determined by which frame the mouse stops at (ex: total 180 frames in animation, mouse stopped at frame 155 results in 86% power)
-Then a 2nd swing down animation is scrubbed thru while mouse is dragged left. I would like to use different animations for back and forward swings transitioned between smoothly via blendspace if possible.
-The ball is projected via impulse values (power/spin/trajectory) when the club reaches the collider around the ball.

I’ve been lurking on these boards for ages, steadily digesting many of the great video tutorials over the past year and would really appreciate any help or tips. Unfortunately, this key issue has brought development of my game to a halt:(.