Persona Animation Frame Rate/Recording Improvements?

Hi, everyone. I want to request an improvement for recording and/or re-recording animations after importing to better suit the character.

There are three case scenarios in which I do this:

#1. Importing animations created from MoCap data from various sources. Some of these sources don’t have any information for fingers and hands, (i.e. TrueBones.) but I still want to use them because they’re very high quality. So in most cases, I only need a single hand pose because the character is either holding a weapon or object. But because the animation don’t have information for digits, I usually adjust the bone transforms to make the character grasp the weapon/object properly.

#2. When Retargeting animations from different skeletons and it ends up looking rather strange. Perfect example; retargeting animations that utilize the Epic Template Skeleton to another character that was rigged using Mixamo. The animations look very strange because of the very different bone positions. So I’ll change the various bone transforms in order to make it look better.

#3. Different use scenarios: So creating a second version of, say a pistol shooting animation, but the gun in the second scenario is different, but still similar enough that I can get away with just changing hand positioning.

Here’s the issue: Whenever I record the fixed animation, I click “record” and it prompts me to save, and then it will start record and won’t auto-start the selected animation, and when the animation ends it won’t autostop the recording either. So now matter how quickly I race to press the various series of buttons, I always end up with several seconds of dead time at the beginning and end of new animations. So then I need to export it, cut it back down, and reimport it. Which, beyond spending so much time manipulating bones, is just a hassle and a half.

Another issue happens when I try to import any animations above 30fps. Unless I enable “Use Default Sample Rate”, when it replays the animation(s), it just looks comparatively choppy. Looks great in Motionbuilder, but in UE4 it ends up looking worse than a 30fps version. Being to have some sort of option to only use 30fps during gameplay and higher sample rates during Cinematics would also be very useful.


  • Options to Auto-start/Auto-stop recording in coherence with currently selected animation in Persona. In order to eliminate dead space at beginning and end.

  • Better/Acceptable performance of animatioms that are above 30fps.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day!

Riley L.