Perhaps an "extreme newbie" section in the forums? just a suggestion.

Let me start with myself, I am no Unreal expert and i’ve been at it for almost a year or so now.

But I do believe that My team and I post some valid questions about the software troubleshooting that goes beyond the extreme beginner type, and by that I mean “Do i need a 3d program to model X” type questions that pop up every now and then. Usually I don’t have an issue with this, but when your post which has a “legit issue” that require some attention or that extra bit of time at least on Page 01 of the forum list ends up on page 03 in a day so to speak because 10 questions of the other sort are asked pushing the thread down, then maybe it might be a good idea to have an extreme beginner section somewhere?

But I guess the thread already has a “general discussion” section already that may be the ideal place for posts like these? Then again i don’t have answers or solutions to this, but it does get a little unfair sometimes so i decided to let you guys know here.

Many of those types of threads show up because people don’t use Search, so even if you add a beginners section it doesn’t mean that people would use it.

You’re probably right, i guess this sort of stuff goes with most other forums. Ah well…