Performance (RAM) problems with construction scripts

I am using construction scripts to create my level. I’ve been using 4.14 for a couple of days. However it has freezed on me thrice (once yesterday, when compiling a construction script and twice today while clicking on the map after editing a construction script to see the changes), upping RAM consumption to 99%.

The level is filled with a landscape, but the part where something else is placed (meshes, splines) isn’t too large, 40x30 grid with 1000 uu2 tile size means it’s 40000 uu x 30000 uu. The grid data are in a struct (3 vectors, 2 integers, one bool).

I have already tried to optimize the construction scripts using Instanced Static Meshes and Hierarchical Static Meshes.

How can I roll back to 4.13 to see if issues are related to engine version?

Changing the order of operations in the construction script (create grids first, check for roads second, change bool in struct third) solved the problem. I must admit I was really surprised that what is essentially the same thing, same nodes, just in slightly different place (while creating grids) can lead to such a situation.

Oh this engine just gets more and more complicated don’t it.