Performance & Optimization Help

I’m making a FPS game using Unreal Engine and I want it to be super performant like old school shooters. I don’t care about super realistic graphical environments; but the aesthetics should be realistic. Can someone guide me on how to achieve a performant game in Unreal Engine? I know coding in C++ is better than blueprints and that art assets should be low poly (and low poly varies from artist to artist), and have less detail to boost performance. I read somewhere that UE4 comes with lots of stuff turned on and that one should turn them off to gain performance and reduce file size. What’s that about? Is there something else I should know? Help and guidance is much appreciated!

Unreal can run on lower end devices, try making your game first and then learn to use those tools to identify stuff to optimize.

Don’t worry about needing to use C++ as Blueprints and any scripting language really is going to be fine for your game logic, you can use c++ for math intensive code.