Performance of 4.5/4.6 on MBPR

Hi all,

I signed up very early after the release of UE4 and held a sub for 2 months; however performance on my Macbook Pro Retina didn’t really set the world on fire and it made it difficult to use the editor (even just doing some basic 3D stuff for IOS). I’ve read in subsequent release notes that performance has improved in this area in the 4.5/4.6 releases. Is anyone currently using a MBPR (GT 650M) and can comment on performance? I’m happy to sub again; however would prefer not to sub to find out performance isn’t quite there yet.

Thanks in advance

Just to point out a couple things–The GT 650M is not a very powerful graphics card, so in general the performance isn’t going to be great. But also, if it has a retina screen then it’s running at a higher resolution than normal and that could slow it down too.

I totally get both points; however I hope it would be possible to do some light mobile development (simple 3D/2D) on this setup.

You can also turn down the graphical settings, I’ve had to disable some graphics stuff on low-end machines, and by default it starts out with things like SSR on that can definitely slow things down.