Performance Loss after upgrading to 4.5 Preview

Hello all! Today, for the first time, I installed a preview version of the engine (I was too excited about 4.5 lol). After launching the editor and opening up one of my maps, I noticed that I lost 5-10 frames. In 4.4, I always had 120 FPS constantly. I know it’s not that big of a loss, but I wanted to know if this is normal with preview versions? Will I gain my frames back when 4.5 officially releases? Has anyone else experienced performance drops? Thanks! :slight_smile:

This kind of variation is absolutely normal and may happen if you do some background work on your computer, so are you sure this is from 4.5? Also, a drop from 120 fps to 110/115 fps equals a 0,4ms-0,7ms drop, which equals a drop from 60 fps to 57/58 fps.
So, I’d say don’t worry at all. There are maybe some small graphics updates, which are enabled by default or some new stuff the editor has to do in the background :wink:

But maybe someone from Epic can give a more detailed explanation :smiley:

Hey! Thanks for the reply and yes, this is from 4.5. I currently have 4.4.3 and 4.5 installed on my machine. In 4.4.3, I have a constant 120 FPS (even with the same amount of applications open in the background as when I used 4.5) while in 4.5, the FPS dips. My level is not even really complex.




I’ve decided to switch back to 4.4.3 for now, and update to 4.5 once the final version is released. I know I’m making a big deal about something that isn’t really a big deal, but I was just hoping my GPU would still maintain 120 FPS. I kind of have a mental thing where something has to be something and I will do anything I can to make sure it’s how I want it, haha. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I noticed about a 20 FPS loss as well with mine. Normally mine sits locked at 119.98 (120 for all intents and purposes).

Hey, so I just upgraded to the final version of 4.5 and I have a constant 120 FPS again! :smiley:

Awesome to hear. Can’t wait to get home and try it out the new version.

Edit: Still down 15-20 for me =\

Looking at the final framerate is not very useful. Use ‘stat unit’ to see thread times, ‘stat dumpframe’ to get an overview of CPU costs, ‘profilegpu’ to get an overview of GPU costs. From there you can narrow down what is costing in your scene.

Good to know. Either way only seems to be a loss in the editor :slight_smile: