Performance in Vive drops from one computer to another

Hi everyone, I’ve been developing some test scenes for VR with Vive and lately I’ve been having the next issue. I have two computers with one Vive headset each. The computers are clones so they have mostly the same components. The two headsets have a separate pair of controllers each, but they use the same pair of lighthouses. The issue is that lately when I try a scene (whether in 4.13 or 4.14) in one computer it looks smooth and silky but in the other it lags the display a lot making the experience unbearable. This doesn’t occur always in the same computer. Sometimes the computer that was performing ugly with one scene, runs great with another and vice versa.

I know this isn’t a common setup so I don’t expect it to be common problem, but any help on the matter would be appreciated. Thanks to all

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