Performance drops regardless of hardware utilization

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I’ve been playing the UT4 alpha since it was publicly available. Recently I became curious about the decreased performance on fully meshed/textured maps. This has always been the case and is to be expected. However, I became interested in how much it was taxing my hardware (3570k@4.2, 8GB ram, 980ti). I ran HWMonitor and to my surprise my videocard generally remained at around 30-40% utilization. CPU usage never really broke 70%. I began to wonder if this was an issue with my personal hardware. Maybe I’m straining my PSU. Maybe I’m throttling my PCI-E on accident. I booted up Doom in Vulkan and it immediately hit 99-100% GPU utilization. What’s the deal? Why does the engine’s performance suffer when it fails to utilize my hardware? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

FPS limitation will save you gpu power, and is good for your electric bill as well. In order to maximize gpu utilization you should disable optimizations like fps limit and v/sync options, so the gpu never gets throttled. The CPU utilization seems a little high, but that could mean anything. Maybe your CPU is not fast enough to properly drive this GPU under every circumstances you just drop at it, but it is expected to perform well.

Monitor apps not neccessarily give you proper measurements.

PCI-E port can be throttled by forcing the 16x lane to be only 1x, in which case you will experience drastical performance drop if the card even boot up at all. I doubt theres anything wrong with your bios settings regarding this port config.

Usually the GPU drivers have bugs, where the issue will result in performance drop and game crash etc. Never use beta drivers for instance, but update it to the most recent version always. If you have had better results with previous driver version just downgrade it to that, and do your UT tests again.

While these all general suggestions, hope they help you figure this out.


That really wasn’t all that helpful considering the context of my question. Doom seems to utilize all of my GPU. Why does UT4 suffer when it doesn’t touch even touch 40%? It doesn’t seem like a bottleneck is occurring because nothing is being particularly strained.