Performance difference between Standalone and Packaged build


I’m having this weird problem and I don’t know if it’s something normal or not, but I would still like to know why is this happening. I get a stable 62 FPS when I run my game in standalone and stays at 62FPS when I turn on my flashlight, but as soon as I package a build (32 or 64bit, development) my performance drops to 52FPS and to 47 FPS when I turn on my flashlight which is a spotlight and is movable.

I really would appreciate the help.


You changed any scalibility options?

No I didn’t. Could it be that the standalone game uses different scalability options?
EDIT: I checked the scalability settings in both standalone and packaged build and they are the same. At least this is what the console commands show me.

Hi Jos_fzr,

I’ve just packaged a simple test level with the FPS character setup with a spot light attached to the gun as a flashlight and used the SM_Bush asset painted over a larger level to get my FPS down to around a consistent 50 fps. This provides me with a base line to test this since the bush will have some overdraw and knowingly be a higher performance hit for my level.

When I packaged my level I’m seeing the same if not better FPS since I’m not rendering the editor as well. Try using the profiling tools to see where you performance hits are coming in: Testing and Optimizing Your Content | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation