Performance | _UCX collider meshes VS Unreal collision primitives

Hey, some of my assets need to have their colliders generated in Blender (I’m creating them semi-procedurally with python).
I need capsule colliders. If I’ll create an UCX capsule collider (e.g. like this), will it be much worse for performance than the built-in Capsule collision primitive in UE?

Both the colliders would be capsules, but I’m afraid that the UCX collider will be calculated per-poly (?) while the UE capsule primitive calculates radius + height or something else that is better for performance… Am I right?
I hope that the difference is not that big, I’d make UCX capsule meshes as much low-poly as I can…

… Anyone has an idea how these colliders are calculated?

Generally, you are correct, and UCX primitive shaped as capsule will be heavier than capsule collision primitive.

Hmm maybe I’ll be able to use boxes instead of capsules then - I suspect that in case of UCX collider meshes, the less polys, the better :slight_smile:

Update for others that might have a similar concern:
Besides UCX, we can also use **UBX **and **USP **prefixes. When created correctly, e.g. the UBX will be imported as a simple box collision promitive, not a mesh, so it should be better. Here you can read more about this: