Perfomance question - unreal engine 4

Hi, i got the chance to test the new unreal engine 4. I get somewhere between 25 to 30fps with low settings on an empty scene. My i5 laptop temps goes really high and the fan always spining at maximum speed. In unity 5 (beta) i get 60fps even with lots of stuff on screen at maximum quality, the temps are optimal and the fan spins at normal speed. Why is that unreal squeezes so much power from the machine, is it the UI?

What graphics card are you using? What version of the engine are you using 4.?

geForce gt 330M ver. 4.6. I’m aware of the recommended specs. Still a huge difference between the two engines.

I believe UE4 has more features turned on by default, but I haven’t tried the Unity 5 beta myself. Unreal Engine tends to be geared for gaming PCs by default, with options to let you make games for low end pcs, mobile, and web. Unity has always been geared to be very low end and light performance impact from the start, with options to make it more demanding. I think it’s just a different approach, have you tried turning the engine scalability settings to low?

This is just my opinion as an artist with limited experience with Unity, I could be way off.

You definitely should play with scalability and settings, because I managed to “optimize” my game on low-middle laptop from 10fps up to ~100fps with okayish graphic

Your GPU is pretty low powered, so that’s always going to be an issue

But also, UE4 has a lot of graphics stuff on by default that Unity doesn’t, things like post processing can slow things down.