Perfomance comparison between udk and ue4 (with same image quality)

I’m a debutant in games creation and I want to use ue4 (for a few reasons) but ~ at the time beeing I’m on intel i7 cpu and intlel hd graphics 4000 ~ so the performance is my concenrn.
In terms of the graphics quality for my project - it would be enough to archieve the equivalent to -lets say- Unreal Tournament III which works well on my pc with high settings.

So my question is: if one compare a product with graphics quality of UT3 made in **UDK ** and the same quality but made in UE4 (no new fancy features used) - will the performance requirements (for final product and as well for working on it in editor) for both be the same?
Namely: are the UE4 requirements are high even if one works on a simple (graphically) project??


I work with UE4 on a comparable machine at home and worked with UDK before that. The editor runs fine and as far as if you built a game like UT3 without any of the “fancy features” like (overusing) physically based materials and reflective surfaces, the performance should be the same.

Performance will not be the same as the core rendering features, as well as the shading models used are inherently more expensive in UE4. The OpenGL rendering path is aimed more at mobile devices, but may prove a good option in your particular case?

This said, a graphically simple project shouldn’t be too problematic, and the tools in UE4 are generally better to work with.

Steve thanks for your answer. That makes me go for ue4 :slight_smile:

ambershee - yes, i think OpenGL will be perfect most likely. On plus that I will want to compile product for linux as well.