Peek camera for horror game

How to rotate camera from yall , when “Use Pawn Control Rotation” is False?
I can’t set true for Pawn “Use controller rotation Pitch” , because this rotate all components from Y and make bugs.

Why this engine is so limited? Why is impossible to rotate one ****ing camera?

What exactly do you want to create/archive?

Canyou explain your situation/problem/goal a bit better?

This is my blueprint, which rotate the camera and move some to right or left

Photo 2- normal

Photo 3- with peek

Photo 4-
With standard settings for Pawn(Self) “4” I have this problems.
When Camera settings are “1” I can peek, but I can’t look up or look down.
When are “2” I havn’t problem with look orientation, but then the camera is fixed, and I cant’ rotate it
When Pawn(Self) settings “3”, I havnt problem with look orientation or with peek, but then When I look up or look down I rotate the Pawn and it is big problem.