PCG Issue - Runtime only works with Landscape input not Actor

PCG at runtime doesn’t seem to work correctly, or maybe I’m missing something. I have 1 PCG graph that takes the landscape and scatters points on it, and then spawns meshes on those points. I’m able to generate at runtime on those. However, I have another PCG graph that I’m attaching to the actor, and then in the PCG graph it uses “In” and connects it to a surface sampler, and then I spawn meshes on to those points. With this 2nd graph, I’m not able to generate it at Runtime. If I hit cleanup/generate in the editor it works fine, but it wont generate at Runtime. The only difference I’m noticing is that one is sampling a landscape and that works, but the one sampling the mesh from the actor doesn’t. Is this just some sort of limitation or possibly a bug, that runtime generation only works with landscape?

I have the same issue, its works fine for me in Unreal 5.2, but in 5.3 Surface Sampler is not generating any point for the Actor Data, i believe it’s a bug