PC Suggestions

Hello everyone!

Three days ago the most dreadful thing happened, my PC finally died after a couple years of use. I have used Unity on that PC for the past two or so years and had a love hate relationship with it. Now that Unreal Engine 4 has been released I’m looking to upgrade to bigger and better things. Therefore does anyone have any suggestions as to what PC I should buy that will be able to run Unreal Engine 4?

Many thanks!

I would recommend you this components:

Nvidia GTX 660 ti
intel i5 3570
8 gb ram
a cheap motherboard (I dont know how it’s called) :slight_smile:

I paid around 450 € for all those parts -> I used all the other stuff from my old pc

With that setup you can get a pretty good fps rate in the editor even when you are running other programs beside the engine e.g in my case camtasia which is also a pretty performance consuming program: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Landscape Tool (english) - YouTube (even under the recording process, it isnt lagging)