PC crashed during save, unable to load?


As the title says, my computer crashed during a normal Ctrl+S save of my project, and I am now unable to load the map again with the following error message:
“Failed to open map file. This is most likely because the map was saved with a newer version of the engine.”

This is, in a way, chocking and catastrophic - I’ve tried to relaunch the project several times, but the same result.
I do not find any type of “rebuild”-option, and I would GREATLY appreciate tips here, since this is a project I’ve spent SEVERAL hours on, and this is the only copy since I thought, obviously - that it was safe? I mean it’s a normal save-option.

Any tips or ideas here?

Kind regards,

There should be a folder in your project called “Saved” I believe, in there there are backup files for your project.

I do not find a specific ‘Unreal Engine Project File’ under this folder, but under Saved/Autosaves there is a “PackageRestoreData.json”-file, unsure how to load this?

I tried **cloning **the project with the same result.
Note there was no update in the Engine in between the crash and the restart - therefor I think it’s odd it calls for that the project is saved in a “newer” Engine-version.
I am shaking at this point, I really do not want to loose this project I hold so dear.

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This won’t help immediately.

There probably is a way to recover it. But, in the future always use source control, on every single project, always. All 3D programs and Game Engines crash at times or corrupt data.

If there are not any map files in the Autosaves folder then there’s nothing there, it usually saves automatically every so often and there can be like 10 files saved there.

What you can also try is right-click on the map file in Windows and check for the option that says “Restore Previous Versions”
This is a Windows file recovery feature that keeps files backed up every so often so there might be an older version of the file there.

If not, then you can try opening the file in a new version of the editor(back up the project beforehand) and see if that might fix it, otherwise then there’s no way to fix it.

Unfortunately this can happen.

The best way to mitigate is to use Source Control - ideally Perforce.