PBR Linear Space error

Hi All, I’ve been having an issue where my objects are far too reflective, so I started looking at why this might be. I found this thread - Material setup - Metallic / Specular (using DDO) - UE4 AnswerHub . The solution given is to set maps other than albedo and normal to linear space. I can do that in my texture sample/objects, but I always get an error and the shader doesn’t compile.

The error is [SM5] (Node TextureSample) TextureSample> Sampler Type is Linear Grayscale, should be Color for /game/textures/rock_A_r

What am I missing?

if your map is created in linear space, like roughness maps usually are for example. Open it in and uncheck sRGB also if that texture is already in use in material you will need to open material editor then select texture sample node and in details panel change it to linear