[Payment feature request] Please add support for national characters

Please add support for national characters in payment sheet. Now it’s impossible to pay/subscribe when you have some national characters in name e.g. “ł”](Ł - Wikipedia).
When you enter name with one of them you get this message “Name on card only accept letters, numbers, space, comma, dash and dot”. Obviously it’s not true and never before seen anything like that though often pay using my mastercard or visa.

Hi mash,

While we understand that this is an inconvenience for many individuals, current ISO standards are unfortunately unable to handle non-latin characters at the present time. The web form and backend we are utilizing does not allow non-latin characters and has left us without the option to accept national characters at this time. For more information about our payment policies and troubles you may be having in regards to this, please see this forum thread. Thank you and have a great day!

Hi Adam, thanks for reply.

And that is a good news! :slight_smile:

I really, really would love to subscribe but sadly I need to use PayPal for this too… Hopefully soon it is supported :slight_smile: At least it is something that’s being worked on :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend gice me advice to put common “l” instead “ł” and it’s working! Just subscribed and downloading :slight_smile: