Paying for answers - display, foliage, find and render quality

U$ 40 through paypal to the first that can answer the 4 questions. PM me and we can talk on skype first if you will. If blueprints can not do something, it won’t disqualify the answer, but please be helpful as for my intentions, specially #1, #3 and #4.
I’m not asking to write the graphs, I just need pointers on Epic’s semantics spaghetti that will enable me to do the below since all the words I search reach no relevant node (eg: resolution, system, window, foliage, instance, find, search, locate, post, quality, render…)

I want to create a menu that allow the user to setup render quality and color balance in runtime. So I need to be able to:
1. Change display mode (resolution, windowed/full-screen).
2. Enable/disable a foliage group.
3. Find objects of a level by name or type. Like all PostProcessVolumes.


Although I do want to know how to access the above for several reasons, the existence of “Engine Scalability Settings” hints me there’s a template for the deployment compatibility need. So how to…
4. Change - during runtime - render quality found on “Engine Scalability Settings”?

Remembering that I’m asking for pointers on blueprints. I’m not a hardcore programmer and I do not have Visual Studio, any relevant knowledge of C++ and enough resources and plans to learn it. As I understand, blueprints should have a much lower level of abstraction than kismet had. Hopefully something near Quest3D and Unity’s Antares Universe.

First, i’m not posting for the money. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1 and 4; they are doable via executing console commands and changing post process settings, both with Blueprints.

2; i’m not sure how/if it can be done with Blueprints.

3 is also doable with Blueprints, since you already know what and how may volumes, meshes, etc. are in the level, but can be a bit complicated depending on what you want to do.

Thank you, Jacky. The Scalability settings will help a lot immediately. I would be delighted to pay you the promised cup of coffee as thanks. $10 per answer is not much, but I really appreciate any help and as a novice I can’t add anything back to the community yet. The offer is still up, if you’ll take it, PM me. I offer this because I know it’s not nice to abuse the spare time of busy people.

#1 was about window and it’s resolution, but I guess I’ll find looking for other console commands.
#3 - according to this Can I find actors with name or tag at runtime? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums seems that will receive some attention in the future, but not possible yet. In Unity it was useful because you could write the code independent and before the levels design. For example, on begin play a tower could acknowledge every flying enemy the level designer had put then search for them during play. Useful to make user editors… “Find” seems very useful for reckless going forward indie design process of try and fix. Feels so useful it’s uncanny that it isn’t a basic need in unreal.

So questions #2 and #3 are still open. and I have 2 more if there are any takers:

#5 Shouldn’t a dampened sphere stop rolling eventually?

#6 Is there any way to input CSV to the instancing system (foliage) from a text file?

We are a community here, and when someone answers a question it is as much as one can afford out of their free time so you dont need to worry about paying for answers. Just make sure you do the same for others in the future. :slight_smile:
However, when you have a request for your own project(coding, modeling, etc.) you can always post at Got Skills? Looking for Talent? section and pay people for their work.

Unfortunately i dont have the answers for your new questions but there are others with more experience and knowledge in the communtiy that can help you.

Good luck!

#5, yeah I tried it and even simple ball on slope won’t stop on a perfect plane with damping. I guess it’s a integrator bug or something with current physics engine, as this “rarely” happen in a actual game except pool game.
most other shape/things works as intended, but I guess numerical error and no minimum threshold for moving object would eventually make the ball moving(however small the amount), because damping is proportional, even if you are moving just 1e-6 speed, you are still moving, just longer. in reallife, it’s friction that provides force that stopped things.

#6, you can refer to Rama’s tutorial and maybe making your own plugins, I don’t think it’s doable with stock engine parts. :stuck_out_tongue: