Pay to win styled game in UE4

Hello every1 I’m a developer using UE4. It has always been a dream of mine for the engine to have become free particularly because it opens opportunities that are very beneficial.

I have a few ideas on a new project I wish to start on prompted due to the change in licensing in UE4.

Firstly if I sell a game using UE4 for absolutely $0 dollars is there any penalty?

Secondly is there any discussion on creating a pay to win(well a game where you buy items, pay to win is a bit unethical and hated atm) styled game? How could we implement the 5% business model into this type of game? It sounds very possible for an arrangement where 5% of all virtual items sold goes to epic.

Thirdly how possible is it to create an open source game in unreal engine 4? I would love for this to be possible, but with the current business model I assume the creators of this engine would not be pleased with no revenue generated using their engine. Considering mods can be made with unreal engine 4 for unreal tournament, it seems like this workflow is possible, though Unreal Tournament is created by epic.

I am planning to make an open source project in unreal engine 4. Now that the game engine is free it seems very possible for this to happen. And this definitely has its benefits for Epic. More of the game development community will be encouraged to be familiar with the engine, even people new to coding will be encouraged to use this engine if they are just starting out, it also provides opportunities for plugin ideas or extensions for the engine through development of the open source project, and the community have the opportunity to become larger.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

The 5% is on profit that YOU make, and in-game purchases do count.

EDIT: Moved Thread.

Yeah, All revenue made FROM the game (Including DLC / IAP count for 5%inting)