Pawn rotation replication is inconsistently applied, sometimes never replicating at all

I’m doing a very infrequent rotation, just one time at start when player shoots at a “begin play” sign. rest of time player never rotates.

I have replication turned on on player’s pawn. When a spectator joins, he sometimes doesn’t get notified of single rotation, and game never updates him again. Is this by design (e.g. does it assume something like a first person shooter, where player will be constantly rotating and there for send lots of other rotation events, so it doesn’t matter if a single one is missed)? Is it in documentation anywhere?

Late joining spectators seem to get rotation correctly, but if a spectator has joined before player has shot “begin play” and triggered rotation (which is triggered on authority), there seems to be a random chance spectator won’t see rotation happen.

Right now I’m looking at adding a timer that will every once in a while manually send out rotation of pawn to any spectators. This feels wrong, is there a better way?

Hi muchcharles,

This sounds more like an order-of-operations problem than anything else, but it’s difficult to tell without more information. Could you provide some screenshots of your Blueprint setup, specifically for rotation function and where/by-whom it is called? Can you reproduce this in a new project? If so, please upload small test project somewhere and get us a download link to check out. Otherwise, some clear steps we could follow to reproduce issue here would be very helpful. Thanks!

Hi muchcharles,

We haven’t heard back from you yet, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue with actor rotation replication, please feel free to respond with information requested above. Thanks!