pawn problem- is an Issue or isn't an issue?

yesterday I tried to add an enemy into my side scroll 3d project, I’ve used a pawn actor applied to it skeletal mesh and the default animation idle equal to the character actor (the default ue4 mannequin for this template project), but when I’ve started the level test the mannequin does not remain standing with the default animation but slumped to the ground lifeless, now I repalced it with a copy of the character actor and setup it for don’t use the player control input.

but my question is: this behavior is normal? why the animation fail to work on pawn?

I tested this on 4.11.2 and it works just fine (would be a massive regression if it didn’t).
Are you doing anything to affect the Pawn object? e.g. do you have a custom AI Controller assigned to your Pawn that at some point kills the Pawn and initiates ragdoll physics (I hope that’s what’s happening when you say ‘slumped’?).

the pawn don’t have ai controller, or better to say had not an AI controller assigned and there was no event that killed him, but yes from the beginning the pawn used the ragdoll physics.