Pawn "Jumps" when I press a Custom Mapped Key

So I’m not sure why but whenever I press “E” which is a key I use for a custom action I made, it makes me ascend into the air for a bit then I drop back down.

This same thing happens when I press the Spacebar. I’m not sure why this is because I have not actually bound any sort of function to the DefaultPawn_BP I got (which is just derived from the DefaultPawn the game spawns from a C++ project).

Any idea why this is? And how I can fix it?

See an example here

Somewhere in your code, or in the code you are inheriting from, the key is bound to something. Try using a different key that would not be bound to anything and see what happens. Disconnect your functionality and see if it still floats when you hit the button

Would you by chance know if any keys are pre-bound on the Pawn class? Obviously WASD and Space are but, E? That seems random.

I don’t think so. But as I mentioned, to debug it, break it down step by step. First disconnect all your functionality from your input and see if it still happens.