Pawn is not colliding with its capsules

I’ve been at this problem for few days now. I have setup collision successfully before, but I am failing to make a pawn interact with itself.

Assume my pawn consists of a Button AND a motion controller (imagine the pawn being a tower with a button, add to that a motion controller mesh surrounded by capsule).

I have a motion controller setup, and I have a capsule surrounding it. I also added collision capsule around the buttons.

My expectation was, when I move the motion controller on top of the buttons, I will get OnComponentBeginOverlap but that didn’t happen. All I do is print if I collide, and I also added a break point there.

I made all the capsules visible. I do see them inside each other, yet no trigger.

I tried “OverlapAll”, “Block All”, “Block all dynamic”, and “Pawn” on all the hierarchy of capsules, meshes, yet there is no trigger.

Upon beginning, my pawn does interact with the landscape.

Can a pawn interact with itself? If yes, do you have ideas on how to do that?

I guess you have OverlapEvents enabled, for both actors to interact? To my understanding when it comes to collisions, it is very important to set the character mesh to Character Mesh collision preset, otherwise i always get issues, almost feels like it is ingrained with Engine code. Also you need to look that parent mesh settings are same.

Hmmm. I have only 1 pawn (no actors) in my scene. I have sub-meshes of my pawn.

→ Panel
→ Button Capsule
→ Button Mesh
→ MotionController
→ MotionController Capsule
→ Mesh

I am trying to get motion controller capsule to trigger overlap with button capsule. I managed to interact with panel, but I don’t know to to check if it was actually the button inside the pane, or just the panel.

So both capsules have OverlapEvents enabled? And both are set for Query collision? Do you get any response when you put a Print String on BeginOverlap? Sometimes it helps to tick the CCD (Continuous collision detection) option or multiple bodies, depending on your setup.

I did not worked with motion controllers yet, so maybe look up a related tutorial, or examplr project.

I think it is a motion controller thing. I can move the initial position of initial capsules and I can see a print output. But they don’t print when I have the motion controller in it.

I think what is happening is: At beginning of game, motion controller is colliding with parent, which is correct (it is part of parent anyway), but then it doesn’t end the overlap for it to trigger another one. When I push the trigger on controller, I read the overlapped components manually, and the parent capsule is there.

I did try multiple bodies but that didn’t help. I will tinker with CCD.

Thanks for the suggestions by the way.