Pawn detection service or environment query

I’m implementing some basic AI for my game, but the docs are pretty limited :slight_smile:

I have the behavior tree working and currently using the sensing component for bots to detect players.
But as the player can have an AI team with him and command this team to move, cover, …

So it should be possible the enemy bots detect a friendly bot.
Same other way around, my team bots do not detect enemy bots and report them.

I checked the pawn sensing component and it seems to iterate trough PlayerControllers, so it will never detect other bots.

When started learning UE4/AI i followed a sample writing a pawn detection service for use in the behavior tree.

I also followed tutorial today about the environment query system, but in 4.9 it’s still experimental.

What would be the best solution for pawn sensing?

  • BT_Service?
  • EnvQuery?

Cons/Pros about both?