Pawn Class Change

Hello, can someone help me with one blueprint script?
I made “little” here is description what i mean and what i need.
Menu → Start → Select Class (here is pawn class Dummy for Flip Flop cameras to choose “Heroes”)
WHen hero is choosen it will OpenLevel (Level 1) , but here is problem that i need other pawn class but its still loading pawn class from “Select Class Level”. Is there anyway how to by press Key or On Event Beginplay (other level) change default pawn class?

I have no ideal what your problem is, did you want to re-parent your current class, or you want to make a child class from your current class?

Extra informations, and screenshot if you can, will alway a big help to clarify your problem.

You could assign the two levels different GameModes, which in turn have different default pawns set.