Pawn character, multiplayer, Add Force & Torque on server?


I have a pawn that moves by ‘Add Force’ and ‘Add Torque’.
When I move my character using either one of these, it seems to only move on client-side, but for the other client, stays in place.
I found plenty of posts on pawns and multiplayer but none mentioning add force.
How would I go about fixing this? I tried setting up a custom event to execute on serverside but that also didn’t seem to work for Add Force, is there something I’m missing?

Any help appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Replication is your friend my friend.

Try watching the official tutorial on networking and replication. Covers most all of the necessary juicy bits

I’ve been looking into that since the past few hours and yesterday. The best I can get is for everything to show up in server but however nothing updates to the clients

Hate to necrobump but I’m having the exact same issue and I can’t find a fix anwhere.