Pause Time Synth playback

Topic name is self explanatory. There’s no way to pause music (or anything) playing with Time Synth. It was possible in 4.22 by deactivating TimeSynth component and re-Activating it. But since version 4.23 it doesn’t resume playback of previously loaded clip if new “audiomixer” is enabled. Same in 4.24 which has new audio mixer enabled by default.

Seems like a basic feature. Very much needed for any music driven games/applications/experiences developed in Unreal Engine.

Hey, did you find a solution for this?

@FunAndFriendly No

@Jaytheway Fair enough. I also need this feature. I tried to subclass UTimeSynthComponent, but got some compile errors. I think the way forward for me is to hack/fork the TimeSynth plugin…

@FunAndFriendly That’s what I was thinking of doing. But it looks too complicated when it shouldn’t. This issue shouldn’t exist in the first place. Since I was developing not exactly a game, I found it more feasible to fine a different framework rather than trying to work around Unreal Engine’s quirks. There’s another problem where you can’t change audio devices. It’s hidden under private dependencies. So you’re stuck with it referring to a default system device.