Pause animation time at value (0.0 -> 1.0) in blueprint


I need to pause the animation at a precise frame

so far I cannot find anyway to do this

your help much appreciated

Can’t you do it using an animation notify?

notify will tell me when the anim is done, I want to tel the anim to stay at percentage 0.132 for instance

You can add notifies at any place in the animation.

In your animation: add notify → new notify → give it a name.
In animation blueprint you will see something like that:
So you can create any logic you want.

Sorry, I didn’t add more information because the Editor was crashing at startup.
In your animation:

You will get something like:

Then in your ABP Event Graph:


I need to be able to pause the anim at any time
hence the “(0.0->1.0)” in the title

I cant believe unreal does not provide such a function

imagine an animated crane, that the player should be able to adjust continuously (I mean each arm rotation)

I thought such a simple function would have been implemented:


You can also use a blend space or an animation blueprint. There’s many ways to go about it.

thx, I’ll try these

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