PathTracing Mode Black screen

Hey guys I’m experiencing a problem with Path Tracing mode in Unreal Engine 5, on my other pc it works just fine but when it comes to this pc, same project, same settings, it just doesn’t work. Actually, it works but on emissive materials only. What could be the problem? May it be just a bug?

Good evening, I also have the same problem.
I have a scene in ray tracing with 20 geometries, I have 2 computers, a laptop with a ryzen 7 5800 and a rtx 3070 and a tower with a ryzen 9 5950x and Rtx 3090.
This same scene works fine using path tracing on the laptop with the 3070 and, does not work on the tower with the 3090 the path tracing activates but the whole scene is black.
I have reset unreal 5, reinstalled, formatted my computer, updated all the drivers and nothing happens.
I don’t understand, I’ve looked into directx 12 but I can’t find a solution.


I had the same problem, the only solution I found was to downgrade the nvidia driver to 456.71. Please let me know if that worked.