Path-Based Story Without a Mile-Long Blueprint Chain?


So recently I’ve been working on a few VR experiences for clients where the user experiences some short sequencer event, and is afterwards given multiple choice options that lead them into the next sequence (which is different depending on their choices). To handle this, I typically use a master level blueprint that plays a sequence, and then waits for the UI’s event dispatcher to call the next part of the level blueprint (bind event, unbind event, do some action, wait for next event dispatcher etcetcetc).

This results in an extremely long and messy blueprint tree. I basically need to build a unique sequence for each possible outcome/combination and use a maddening amount of conditionals to see what the user has done/has not done. I’ll do it gladly if there’s no other way but I was just wondering if anyone’s tackled linear/path based storytelling where the user has some amount of input? Are there any good resources or methods anyone has come across for this?


-Here’s a short video of my coworkers looking over my shoulder at my blueprint tree.