Patchy material?

Hi all,
Started getting this a while ago. When I apply mats to a brush the finish is patchy regardless of the material I apply. Converting the brush to a static mesh doesn’t help. Pic attached shows a static mesh formed from a brush and a standard basic cube. Same material applied.

Using UE4.23. Ideas?


Looks like a UV problem. What do the UVs look like in the mesh editor?

Hi and thanks for replying

Not an expert when it comes to UV - never had any problems with mats before so not had the need to investigate! I quickly created a SM using a brush, applied a starter content mat. This is the view in the editor with the grid turned on. Pic 1 just clicking Grid. Pic 2 after selecting UV channel 0. Pic 3 after selecting UV channel 1.

I think it’s something to do with the mats I’ve selected. When using a metal from a pack I downloaded (The auto materials pack) it’s fine.


Just had a look at one of the mats and have got a shed-load of errors! No idea what’s causing them but having a look now.

UV2 is for the lightmap, you can see the big red line on UV1, that’s part of your problem :slight_smile:

What is the error in the log at the bottom of the material screen?

Sorted. Some of the textures in the Starter Content had got messed up somehow. Re-imported one of the metallic mats from a brand new project and problem has gone!

Thanks for the help

What is the red lines in UV1 (channel 0)? I’ve had it before, and it looks like the texture map was expanded beyond the UV space bounds. How does it occur?

I don’t really know. It was happening to a set of metallic mats that are part of the Starter Content. Realising this I started a new project and migrated one of the same mats into the project where the error was happening. Fixed the problem. So I guess that one of the texture files was corrupted or missing?