Password Console Bluprint

Password Console Bluprint
I have been working on this Password Console Bluprint(PCB for short) and decided to share with the comunity.

So here we go :rolleyes:, let me show you the [FONT=Comic Sans MS]features :

  • Up to 6 digits
  • Operate it with mouse (you can pick a custom cursor)
  • It has a CLEAR button
  • Customizable [FONT=Century Gothic]textures and colors
  • You can put a default text
  • It has a customizable ♫ sound♫
  • And you can change the “operating volume”(it’s a trigger box with a fancy name)
  • And(of course) customizable password


This is the default PCB :



V2.0 - MEGA
V1.0 - MEGA


-KeyboardMode added(It’s activated unmarking MouseMode)
-Highlight color customization(KeyboardMode only)
-PCB components agrouped(This is for nexts updates)
-BugFix: When 0 was typed in the middle of the typed number, the display text was updated only when another number(except 0) was typed.
-Changed internal variables from int to char(to fix the bug above)
-minor changes(Aproximating the transform number, it’s more a personal thing)

-Password Console Blueprint(PCB) realeased

Use it as you wish, I only request that you mention me in the credits(call me Rafael Marinho)

Hope you enjoy :smiley: !

Add option for “mouse only input”, and scrambling button locations.
This is for games, but stuff like that could be used for real login and real pins.

Actualy, I’m working on the “mouse only input”, beacause for consoles(even for PC) could be better, in some cases, to use keyboard instead of mouse. I liked that scrambling idea, I’ll implement it too.

Looks like you have extended your PCB to the Mega site as well. “You can’t import or download an encrypted file as the decryption key is missing.”

Thak you. I didn’t realize it. Actually it was a extra space I typed.